Tore it apart: Stephen Thompson annihilated Colby Covington for searching for the belt

Stephen Thompson.

Few hours ago, Stephen Thompson did not go unnoticed, after destroying Colby covington with their sayings. The excellent fighter of UFC does not think the former United States police officer has to go for the title with Kamaru usman, so he was not silent at all. Being that way, on his podcast “What’s wrong with everyone ?!”, he left no topic untouched and was forceful.

In that sense, starting with his words, Thompson commented: «Usman I was rebuilding it. Colby covington it swayed and failed. It threw a lot of volume, but it didn’t hit anything. I don’t think he deserves it. His last fight was Tyron Woodley. I don’t think he deserves it, neither Leon (Edwards) nor myself. Obviously, I think his greatest attribute is jiu-jitsu and wrestling. “

With everything! Colby Covington dismissed Stephen Thompson for wanting the title

So obviously that’s something I’ve been working on every day. But I think he wants to shoot. You can act like you’re shooting to get your hands ready. I know those tricks. They like to shoot. I have faced guys, maybe not at the highest level of jiu-jitsu, but good fighters do the same ”, emphasized the extraordinary fighter.

In addition, Stephen He also stated: “They fake the shot and come with the big hand or the left hook. That could be in your game plan. But I feel like he’s going to want to take the fight to the ground. And the point is, almost everyone I fight, at some point wants to try to make that happen. Therefore, it is practically trying to prepare for each fight in the same way. And it makes it pretty easy for me. But I think he’s going to shoot the legs, for sure.

His previous sayings

Talking to MMA Fighting, Stephen Thompson He said days ago: “Fight someone you haven’t fought with yet. You beat almost everyone except me in the top five. That’s. Of course you have Michael Chiesa, who is number 6, he hasn’t fought Michael Chiesa either. But keep moving down the line. You hit everyone up here, who’s next? It’s this guy. Come on Usman! Fight someone you haven’t fought with yet.

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