Who comes next? The legend that asked Tanner Boser to fight in the UFC

Tanner Boser.

After knocking out Ovince Saint-Preoux in a big way, Tanner boser trust to liquidate another legend of UFC. The extraordinary Canadian fighter spoke in What the Heck, where he just made it clear that he is in a great moment and that he wants to go for more. So when they asked him who he wants to fight in his next great battle, he had no hesitation in saying that he will seek out Ben rothwell.

Starting, Boser He said, ‘Let’s call it’ cage ‘, not’ fence ‘, it sounds better. None of that went through my head because I’m in a fight. I’m in a fight right now and I stood up. At no point did my brain register that Daniel Cormier was there screaming, ‘That’s bad,’ like 400 times. I didn’t hear his corner yelling that I grabbed the cage until after I won. I realize these things after they were somehow controversial. “

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“I didn’t grab the cage and I hate that that’s the main story of this because I hit his butt the whole fight. And this is the narrative. It drives me crazy. I don’t think it has revolutionized the game. It is really simple. You can’t grab the cage, you can’t. But you can put your hand like that and get out of the cage. If I am the only one who does that, then everyone else is really stupid, “said the American.

Keep climbing

In the same line, Tanner He commented: ‘One of the best in my life, probably against a guy with a big name. So no, it doesn’t matter. Like when you lose, the same people who are just talking shit don’t matter either. You win, you lose, people will find something to talk about. Is it annoying that the broadcast was so inflexible that I held onto the fence and they created that narrative?

“People are impressionable and when they hear people speaking on television say something, they believe them. But my win bonus will be in my account in a few hours. Because I asked about Jared Vanderaa and laughed in response just like he did Rothwell, so I thought ‘Big Ben’ and I are in the same situation here. I do not know what happens, but hey, we are in the same boat, we will fight for who is the captain “, he closed Tanner boser.

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