In Showtime they assure that Gervonta Davis PPV numbers continue to rise

En Showtime aseguran que números de PPV de Gervonta Davis siguen subiendo

The president of Showtime Sports, Stephen Espinoza, is excited about the ticket sales and Pay-Per-View (PPV) numbers it generated Gervonta davis in his fight against Mario Barrios placeholder image, on June 26 ,.

“Look, it couldn’t have been better. It was a great performance by Tank, large public, large revenues, pay-per-view sales continue to grow ”, he told ESNEWS. “Literally every metric that we use to measure a fighter’s progress is growing. A bigger door, more tickets sold, more pay-per-view sold ”, he declared.

Espinoza assured that the knockout he gave him Gervonta to Neighborhoods made his bonuses go through the roof.

“Most importantly, the performance he did. He is a star; There is no other way to say it. He is on his way to becoming one of the biggest stars in sports, “he added.

Showtime expects a lot from Gervonta Davis

The president of Showtime noted that in the very near future Gervonta It will be the face of professional boxing.

“We are trying to keep it on track. It is not that it is deviated, but the reality is that the sky is the limit. This kid could be the face of boxing. It is part of our job to make sure that he realizes his potential and recognizes it, ”he argued.

In the same way, he pointed out the keys to continue growing and becoming one of the top boxing stars.

“As long as you stay in the gym, keep working hard, control your weight and keep developing your skills, you can take charge of the sport. There have been a lot of different fighters who had the talent and the opportunity, but they haven’t taken advantage of it, “he said.

“We don’t want to be sitting here in ten years saying, ‘It could have been.’ We do not have to use any name, “he said.

Gervonta Davis PPV numbers

According to the report of Mike Coppinger, the fight between Davis Y Neighborhoods sold more than 200,000 Pay-Per-View subscriptions. Most likely, the final figure will be between 210 and 215 thousand sales, according to the report.

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