Many things behind: Mike Beltrán highlighted what his life is like being a famous referee

Mike Beltrán.

Of course, the referees of MMA They are also very recognized, as is precisely the case of Mike beltran. The judge of the cage, recognized for his long and abundant mustaches, spoke a few hours ago with MMA Junkie Radio and highlighted everything he has to put aside in his life in order to always be on top. Being one of the best in the world, his word is more than important.

In addition to the fighters, Mixed Martial Arts referees also have to lead a very caring, low-profile life. The demands are almost identical to those of those who enter the cage to seek a victory by submission or knockout. Without a doubt, being among the most prominent names on the planet was not easy, which he detailed to perfection Beltran.

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Mike’s words

To start with your words, Beltran He acknowledged the following about how he has led his life: “To get to the top and get a title fight, you have to pay your dues. You have to have repetition, you have to make good calls, you have to have other officials who support you and take your constructive criticism and take it well and do not retaliate or argue.

«This sport here, the officials, it is good that everything is recorded on video so that you can go back, watch it and learn. You have to pay your fees. Nothing is going to happen overnight. If you are that boy or girl who wants to get into all this for having a sense of entitlement, you will expose yourself. Because even at this high level, we keep making mistakes. There are things that I wish I could remove from what I did, “added the referee of UFC Y Bellator.

At the same time, Mike He also said, ‘I wish I could do it again. We have all talked about it. You have to pay your fees. Then commissions eventually build trust in you. Fighters trust you, they believe that you are going to make the right decision, which is paramount for the fighter’s safety. It takes time and does not rush the process. If you rush the process, it’s a recipe for disaster. “

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