Mauricio Lara and Josh Warrington already have a date and venue for a rematch

Josh Warrington y Mauricio Lara

Mauricio Lara Y Josh warrington they would be ready to face a rematch on September 4, in Leeds, England.

Lara Y Warrington they will play a rematch at 126 pounds on September 4, “he tweeted. Mike coppinger from ESPN. “The fight would be played on September 4 at the Hedingley Stadium from Leeds“.

The Bronco Lara gave one of the biggest surprises of the year by beating the Briton by knockout on February 13 in Wembley.

The Mexican surprised with his hitting power and knocked down Josh in the fourth and ninth innings, before the referee Howard foster decided to put an end to the combat.

Lara he tipped Warrington his first defeat which, until then, had averaged 30 wins in a row.

However, the warrior of Leeds He doesn’t boast a great knockout mark, having only won on the fast track seven times.

Initially, Warrington, who was one of the strongest cards in the feather division, seemed to be living a passing fight in search of a stronger fight for a new championship, but the loss caused a huge surprise, as he was a 25-1 favorite over the Mexican.

“I feel wounded inside, I treasured my undefeated and now it is gone,” said the Englishman days after the fight. “Lara He is a very serious opponent and will cause problems at featherweights. I don’t know if one day we can meet again ”.

The ranking

At the moment, ESPN has placed Lara as a fourth already Warrington as fifth in the featherweight division, so the winner of the rematch could be in a good position to face in the future with Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete by the belt of the OMB.

Warrington he must have known it wouldn’t be an easy fight. He shouldn’t have made plans for the future, ”he said. Lara after his victory.

The rematch of next September 4 would be accompanied on the billboard of the defense of the Irish Katie taylor, who is the 135-pound champion.

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