What a fight! Renato Moicano asked a star of the present UFC

Renato Moicano.

Renato moicano, extraordinary Brazilian fighter from UFC, begins to look to the future. After great performances in the company, he hopes to have a new heavyweight name in front of him to continue moving up in the Lightweight division. In that sense, in an interview with MMA Fighting, he stated that he would have no problem crossing paths with Gregor gillespie early.

“I am 2-1 in the division, but I want to be 10-1. I want to be strong in this division. Let’s see what it has to offer UFC, but I’m happy with my performance. I felt great in this division. Let’s be humble, let’s not talk too much, but let’s keep working hard to keep improving my game. He is a great fighter that not many people want to fight, so I would be more than willing to test my jiu-jitsu against his fight, “he began by saying Moicano.

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He also summed up: “I will work twice as hard at Lightweight. Gillespie is avoided by others, right? My strategy is to ask for those fights, to ask for fights that nobody wants. Nobody wants to fight this guy. It’s good, it’s at the top, so I want it. If you don’t want it, I accept it. Gillespie had that loss to Kevin Lee, who is also a wrestler, but has one of the best grappling in UFC«.

Will they give it to you?

“I think it is a fight that makes sense, it is a clash of styles. I just got[tothedivisionsoIcan’tcallpeopleat155especiallysinceIlosttotoughguyRafaelFizievbutIhaveanameintheUFCIhave11fightson[aladivisiónasíquenopuedollamaralagenteen155especialmenteporqueperdíanteuntipoduroRafaelFizievperotengounnombreenUFCtengo11peleasenUFC and a good record. I’ve fought the best guys at featherweight. I won some, I lost some, but only two or three of my featherweight fights were against unranked opponents. ” Renato.

To sentence their sayings, Renato moicano He commented: “I think we have to take that into consideration and hire someone at the top. Maybe his jiu-jitsu isn’t the best on his back. Most of the time he tries to fight and get back on his feet. You won’t just play guard, right? It’s not his thing. I see him as a technical guy in the grappling area, but maybe his jiu-jitsu has some flaws. “

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