What the national team learned from the agonizing 2-2 draw with Argentina in Barranquilla

What the national team learned from the agonizing 2-2 draw with Argentina in Barranquilla

A month after their confrontation over the Qualifiers, Colombia and Argentina faces are seen againIt will be this Tuesday at the Mané Garrincha in Brasilia but now for the semifinals of the America Cup.

Both selected players return to play in the continental tournament after two years and it will again be in Brazilian territory. It was in 2019 at the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, Bahia, when the Colombians took the victory In a group stage match, the Tricolor won 2-0 with goals from Roger Martínez and Duván Zapata.

In his most recent confrontation they equaled 2-2 in the Barranquilla Metropolitan by qualifying. Romero and Paredes had advanced to the visit, but then came the tie of the Colombian team led by Reinaldo Rueda with goals from Luis Fernando Muriel and Miguel Ángel Borja.

The tie, despite having been at home, was a good result for Colombia because of the way the game developed and because of what it represented the point that allowed it to settle in the play-off zone after the hard falls it had received against Uruguay and Ecuador with the previous coach.

This time there will be no way to even tie because the game, even on penalties, must be defined looking for a pass to the final of the Copa América. To return to a final of the continental competition after twenty years, Colombia has been making some adjustments in its game that have allowed it to evolve in the Rueda process.,

After the victory against Peru and the tie with Argentina for the Qualifiers, the selected team added two more matches without knowing the defeat for the Copa América, when they beat Ecuador in the debut and drew with Venezuela. The defeats against Peru and Brazil also came, but even so the team has shown itself with an orderly and combative football that helped it to draw against the Uruguayans and now be among the four best on the continent.

To get better luck against Argentina, Colombia should take into account with respect to the game of a month ago five aspects that it should have taken as a lesson.

  • Concentration: In the Barranquilla match, the visitors opened the scoring just at minute 3. Reinaldo Rueda’s initial approach fell to the ground and even more so when five minutes later the Argentines scored the second goal of the match. The Colombian coach wanted to cover the width of the middle of the field with three brand flyers, but then had to rebuild when he was down on the scoreboard.

  • Area edge fouls / Quiet ball / Aerial balls: Argentina’s first goal came from a free kick that Rodrigo De Paul took from the side and a subsequent header from Cristian Romero who sent to save the ball after winning the duel against Yerry Mina. It was the only goal that the visit scored in that way, but there were multiple options that in the same way created him for fouls on the edge of the Colombian area. Had it not been for a spectacular performance by David Ospina, Messi would have been able to score twice with his free-kick shots.

  • Win the rebounds: The second goal for the Argentines was scored by Leandro Paredes who entered the area and defined after a confusing play with several rebounds that the Colombian players always lost. At the edge of the area they could not take possession of the ball and did not clear in time to avoid danger.

  • Spaces in the midfield: It should have been clear to Reinaldo Rueda that not by having more men in the midfield will he effectively achieve greater solidity. The coach played that day at the Metropolitano with Cuéllar, Lerma and Uribe, but with 0-2 against he had to rebuild by moving his substitute bench.

  • Patience: It should have been clear to the Colombian National Team after the 2-2 in Barranquilla by Qualifying that not despair can be essential to be able to get a result. The tricolor was patient, adapted to the changes of the coach during the second half and achieved the tie on minute 94 with a goal from one of the starters, the attacker Miguel Ángel Borja.

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