“Can’t be beaten”: Jon Jones is said to be the UFC Heavyweight Champion

Jon Jones.

After vacating his belt in the Light Heavyweight of UFC, Jon jones goes for much more in his career. The extraordinary American fighter has in mind to fight the Heavyweight champion, who at this moment is Francis Ngannou. After a very good physical conditioning, they say that «Bonny» «can’t be beat«, Exciting the fans.

Knowing the above, Rashad evans, expeller of UFC, expressed in an interview with TMZ and recognized: “Jon rises, it will be a continuation of the legacy of Jon Jones. Jon jones he is a phenomenal athlete. He is a phenomenal fighter and his IQ inside the Octagon cannot be beaten by anyone. So I hope he brings that to the heavyweight division. “

Impressive! They assure that Jon Jones still does not show his best moment

“The things that I think can give him some trouble is the fact that these guys are big and hit harder. But for the most part, this is a great Jon Jones. Jon jones it can adapt to anything. The fight with Francis is a very intriguing fight because it goes against a guy who takes away some of the advantages that he has been able to enjoy for so long, “he said.

Is a powered Jones coming?

At the same time, Rashad He commented: “He can have a great reach, be the strongest fighter and all those different aspects that he has been able to bring to the table. So it will be interesting to see if he can bring that to the heavyweight division. But at the same time, it’s hard to say that it won’t because this is Jon jones. I went back and forth several times just because of the fact that Ngannou is growing at an exponential rate.

“His mindset has been absolutely incredible when it comes to growing up and completing the part of his game that was not so good before, and even understanding how to control his power and not try to land a hard punch every time. This Francis has grown a lot, so it is still very difficult to tell. And here’s another thing: he wants to fight Jon jones. He is looking for that fight, so he is a very confident man. Rashad evans.

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