Confident to win: Tyron Woodley and his racy words for Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley.

Next August 28, Tyron woodley will be seen head-on with Jake paul in the ring. The former UFC champion will step into the boxing ring to collide with the youngest of the youtubers brothers, who has three fights won by knockout. Thus, in the previous one, the mixed martial artist spoke with Fight Hub TV and made it clear that he will end the illusion of the young American boxer.

“He came yesterday and we trained and he really wants to help me. I learned a lot. If I never got a chance to work with him again, I learned enough little details and little pocket tricks to get me through this fight and maybe through a couple of fights. When people pressure me, they are knocked out, every time, “he began by stating Woodley.

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For his part, he mentioned: «Who pressed me and was not knocked out? When I leaned back and let people participate in the fight and let people say, ‘Ah, I’m hoping that Tyron do what you normally do ‘and when I didn’t, it gave them confidence and courage to walk down. Then they have a chance. I think he’s smart enough, he’s stupid as hell but he’s smart as shit on the bottom. “

Firmer than ever

Who wouldn’t look back? He has many more images of me than I of him. You will see so much movie, so many people will see it, will analyze it, the people I have trained with, the training partners, the coaches will probably do whatever it takes to get information because they have to. You can’t make up for 30 years as an athlete, “he also said. Tyron.

To close, Tyron woodley He said: “So I’m not disrespecting him, but my reality about what people are capable of made me train at a level that I needed to train and I’m going to train at that same level. Any puncher I fought, anyone knockout, anyone with power. Paul Daley never stung me, never hit me, never dropped me. People who knew each other and could do those things didn’t do it to me, I did it to them.

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