Lewis Hamilton warns Mercedes about the results: “We are too far away”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis hamilton he is in one of the most difficult seasons in recent years. The seven-time champion of the Formula 1 he is highly conditioned by the performance of his car, and the last weekend it was clearly noticeable. With the running of the turns, the Mercedes loses a lot of rhythm and it becomes difficult to compete against Red bull: “We are far”He warned.

Hamilton was not only defeated by Max verstappen, but was overtaken by his teammate, Valtteri Bottas. The Mercedes team saw that the Finn was coming much faster than Lewis, and asked the latter to let him pass, something that was rarely seen in the German structure. In addition, minutes later he lost the podium in front of Lando norris.

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Hamilton had a small problem with one of the pianos on the Red Bull Ring circuit, which caused an aerodynamic part to be damaged. This caused a lot of waste of time in the British car. “I already said before the race that it was going to be very difficult to beat Max. It is obviously frustrating. We have lost many points. I didn’t go through that piano anymore, I don’t know what could have caused the damage. It would have been second easily, ”he commented.

On the other hand, according to the Spanish media SoyMotor.com, Hamilton assured that Red Bull and especially Max Verstappen are the top candidates to win the title this season. “I was second when my car suddenly broke down, but it would have been an easy second. But we cannot catch up with the guys in front, we are very far from them ”, he acknowledged.


After several weeks asking for improvements, Hamilton once again insisted the team make some changes that help fight for victories. We have a lot of work to do, we need to get down to work, I know the guys are working on it. But today we couldn’t catch up with these guys, they have a lot of advantage over us. They have come with updates; us, with none. We have to bring things that give us performance, or else this result will be achieved much more frequently ”, fired the Briton to finish.

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