Pity Martínez in FOOTBALL 90: his games against Boca Juniors, love for River Plate and relationship with Marcelo Gallardo

Pity Martínez in FOOTBALL 90: his games against Boca Juniors, love for River Plate and relationship with Marcelo Gallardo

Gonzalo Martínez visited ESPN FOOTBALL 90 and spoke of his time at River Plate, of the remembered Superclásicos against Boca Juniors, the importance of Marcelo gallardo In this cycle, the desire to have a new time at the Núñez club and the memories of the historic CONMEBOL Libertadores won in Madrid. In addition, in the program of Chicken Vignolo He referred to a curious talk he had with Enzo Pérez before the central midfielder has to save for the Cup.

At the beginning of the interview, Martínez referred to how those crosses were with the usual classic, he made reference to the respect that the Boca players had for him and the remembered entrance to the Bombonera looking at the local fans, in the previous leg of the final of the Libertadores 2018.

The Al-Nassr player revealed that he would have loved to play his entire career at the Millionaire, but explained why he made the decision to go out to MLS and don the Atlanta United jersey.

During the extensive talk with FÚTBOL 90, the flyer reflected on what his passage through the Monumental complex left him, on what life is like with so many pressures and how it is today, something more relaxed.

In addition, Pity came to tears when talking about the sacrifices he had to face in order to become a professional player. The former Hurricane referred to the distance with family and friends, since he was born in Mendoza and had to move alone to Buenos Aires to be a Huracán footballer.

On the remembered final in Madrid, Pity commented on how the weather was in River’s dressing room at halftime, when Boca was ahead on the scoreboard and Marcelo Gallardo could not give a talk because he was suspended.

El Muñeco was also the protagonist in another part of the talk, as Martínez laughed at the ways he made the DT, who was recognized as a strong character, angry. “It drove him crazy when he was against the line and gave me many indications or when I saw him in a bad mood in the morning in concentration,” said the Al-Nassr player.

Already seriously, the Pity valued Gallardo’s work and tried to explain what his “method” is so that the Millionaire does not stop winning for so many years, beyond suffering several losses in each transfer market.

In addition to saying that he always goes to bed late in Arabia every time he plays River to be able to see him, Martínez said that he is in constant contact with Enzo Pérez and that the midfielder admitted he was afraid before having to stop due to absences due to Covid-19. “The day before he told me that he was calm, but that same afternoon he told me ‘I’m shit …’. Did you see how he took her to the corner?”, Joked the exMillionaire.

When asked about the typical costume jokes, the offensive midfielder admitted that a reference from Núñez’s team never dared to bother. “It did not give me room, but everything is fine,” he clarified with a laugh.

At the end of the talk and after clarifying that he feels far from the National Team, Martínez said that he feels that he will have a new opportunity with the Albiceleste in the future, despite having gone to a league that is not one of the most followed by the current coaching staff.

One of the pearls of the interview was when Pity surprised everyone by telling that several Boca fans have asked him for photos, beyond the fact that he has scored one of the most iconic goals in the history of the Superclásicos.

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