Roberto Tobar received harsh criticism for his performance in Brazil – Peru

Roberto Tobar received harsh criticism for his performance in Brazil - Peru

The local Brazil became the first finalist of the Copa América 2021, after beating Peru 1-0 in Rio de Janeiro, in a match in which the Chilean referee Roberto Tobar was in controversy for his performance and received harsh criticism.

Tobar was filled with questions about a play where after a Peruvian shot, the ball hit the arm of Thiago Silva and was lost over the baseline. The Chilean judge did not even collect the corresponding corner kick and from the VAR there was no call for him to go to check a possible penalty.

For this reason, the player of the Peruvian national team Renato Tapia wrote on his social networks: “Everything was left on the field. That they assign us such a referee one day before such a decisive match seems impertinent to me and even more so for him to humiliate and insult us on the field. Still we continue with the faith intact. We are going for the 3rd place. Up Peru “.

Meanwhile, goalkeeper Pedro Gallese said: “The referee does not take a clear penalty in the first half from Thiago Silva, his elbow was not attached to the body and he takes a goal kick, incredible. One could not approach to speak to him because there he insulted the companions, the anger remains “.

For his part, the coach Ricardo Gareca said: “I never talk about referees and arbitrations. I am not going to say absolutely anything about the decisions, we are all wrong, but about the treatment of the players. The referees are there to calm the players on the field of play, not to attack them, or to treat them badly because we are all in a situation of pure adrenaline and pure tension, which this sport carries “.

And the ‘Tigre’ added: “They (referees) are the ones who should give the best treatment in relation to the players. What I have noticed, a little from the outside and a little from what they have informed me from the inside, is an improvement in the treatment of the referees towards the players. If there is something that I have to highlight, it is this. It is not a minor issue (…) I find out about these things in the dressing room and I think it is something that needs to be reviewed. you have to pay attention “.

In the Brazilian team they were not satisfied with Tobar’s performance either. Neymar, the great figure of the local team, told DirecTV Sports : “The referee cannot do what he did. It is disrespectful to all the players the way he talks, the way he sees, what he says on the field to the players. From the first minute, I went to talk to him and he was very arrogant. “

In addition, the Brazilian attacker highlighted that Tobar’s mistreatment was with members of the two teams: “Everyone is saying it. It is not normal for both teams to complain. No (I say it) because of the way he refereed. He can commit mistakes, that’s part, but the arrogance he had … For me, he can’t be a referee in a Copa América semifinal “.

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