Tough rivalry: Robert Whittaker forcefully insulted Israel Adesanya

Robert Whittaker.

The hypothetical battle between Israel Adesanya Y Robert Whittaker it’s starting to get hotter than ever. Both would have their revenge in a very short time, after the champion beat Marvin Vettori in five rounds, in the star of UFC 263. Understanding that the duel that follows would be between oceanic, New Zealand against Australia, anxiety grows. For this, Izzy’s possible next rival insulted him.

In what was the first war between them, Israel Adesanya he knocked out the Australian in a big way. After a good exchange of blows in the center of the octagon, the African entered with a left that sent back to Whittaker, and then finish it with the grand and pound. Therefore, Robert seeks revenge for what happened, while the champion wants to reaffirm himself.

Relationship Heats Up: Israel Adesanya Strongly Responded to Robert Whittaker

«We are not going to talk much about Adesanya because I think it’s shit *, was what he began by saying Whittaker, 30-year-old Australian, in the middle of a YouTube interview with The Howie Games. He’s hardly a shitty person, an idiot. That sounds better. I do not like him and I do not like him, “he also added to his sayings. He is undoubtedly upset with the king.

Tense Cliama

To close with his words, Robert He reported: “In the last fight I was very emotional. I was in a bad situation for the sport and bad for my career. I was very emotional because I did not like him and because of everything that was happening. I lost my cool and didn’t fight like I should, like I normally fight. Congratulations to him. He managed to get into my head, but I think he’s an idiot.

Days ago, Whittaker wanted to intimidate Adesanya and he was not silent. The king of the division took advantage of the words of his possible next rival to respond to him on his personal Instagram account. In that sense, analyzing what may come, Israel dictated: “If ‘I’m not as good as I think I am’, then what does that make you? I may not be a god to you, but I baptized you.

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