Very hard! Checo Pérez shot Lando Norris: “He ruined my career”

Sergio Pérez

In the Austrian Grand Prix one of the biggest controversies of the weekend was seen and the protagonist was Czech Pérez. The Mexican wanted to overtake Lando norris at the start of the race, but the Briton defended himself by making the Red bull go to bed leca. As a result of this maneuver, Norris was sanctioned, although later the Mexican had two very similar maneuvers with Charles Leclerc. According to Pérez, Norris «Ruined my career«.

Pérez was looking for a new podium in Formula 1, but the options were quickly exhausted after the maneuver. Pérez’s anger was noticeable when the maneuver happened: “He threw me off the track,” he shouted over the radio. Although Norris’s defense seemed more than clean, the FIA he obeyed the requests of Pérez and Red Bull and they sanctioned Norris for what he ‘did’.

Checo Pérez about to renew with Red Bull: «It will be direct»

Moments later, Pérez wanted to defend himself against Charles Leclerc’s attacks and ended up committing the same maneuver that Norris did against him. This caused the stewards to give him the same penalty, adding 10 seconds to his time twice. Because of that, the Mexican apologized to the Monegasque.

“I have to apologize to Charles, that’s not my way of competing. I am not a pilot who does that kind of thing. I have told him everything that had happened from my point of view, but it is not enough. It is not right when you have these kinds of problems, but he already knows that I am not a rider of this style and I do not feel bad about myself ”.


However, Perez hit Lando Norris hard after kicking him off the track on the first lap of the race. In his words, Norris exceeded the allowed limits and seriously impaired his career. “He has gotten away with it, he has not suffered any kind of damage. Of course, next time it may be very different, since it is only the first lap. I think I was ahead and I was thrown out. It has not been clean enough, it has gone beyond the limit and it has ruined my race ”, declared Pérez, according to the media.

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