Video: Marc Márquez teaches a famous Youtuber how to do MotoCross

Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez returned to compete in MotoGP And he did it in a big way. With a victory under his arm, the Spaniard went to the summer holidays with good feelings. Due to this stop, Márquez took the opportunity to put himself in the shoes of ‘teacher’ and teach Motocross. This activity is very important for MotoGP riders, as they improve their stability and grip on the bike.

Márquez took the opportunity to practice MotoCross with the famous Youtuber ‘TheGrefg‘. This YouTuber had little experience on his motorcycle and the Spaniard took the opportunity to, as he said in the meeting, ‘make fun of him’. This video was recorded just over two weeks ago and was one of the main viral videos in Spain. There was also an interview that was broadcast by Twitch.

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In this interview, Márquez spoke about his recovery process and noted that several MotoGP legends supported his return, including the legendary Mick doohan. “I spent thirty minutes talking to him and he was just listening. In some races you will go fast and in others slow and you will not know why, he told me “

“All those problems that I have also had this season, were those that he suffered in the past. It helped me a lot. What I did was avoid the comments and focus on my team, listening to those people who wanted to help me. In September, October and November I was scared. More than not winning again, I was worried about the evolution of my arm, “he added in the broadcast.

On the other hand, the eight-time World Champion was very sincere when speaking with the YouTuber and assured that the third operation in December 2020 was very important to return. “I had less strength and there was an infection inside my body. We were lagging behind instead of overtaking and I was worried about my life, not about the competition. But from the third intervention, everything became more normal. That last part of the year was very difficult for me ”.


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