What happened? Floyd Mayweather’s environment gave the reason why he could not knock out Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather.

There is no doubt that Logan paul was a tough rival for Floyd mayweather, the one who couldn’t knock him out or throw him to the canvas. Weeks ago, the legendary boxer was measured against the renowned youtuber in the ring, in an eight-round fight and without judges. In this way, Jeff, uncle of «Money», spoke with the press hours ago and explained what happened that day in the ring.

At the beginning of it all, Mayweather’s uncle made the following point about the fight: “I think the biggest part is that people have a tendency to forget that Floyd mayweather It is not Superman. He is still an athlete, but he is not the same, he is 44 years old. It still provided great entertainment, but I think a lot of people were disappointed because they thought there would be a knockout. “

He went crazy! The viral video that Jake Paul uploaded after Logan Paul’s fight with Floyd Mayweather

He is an athlete. He was a fighter so don’t get me wrong, he also made a lot of grabs. I think we wanted to knock him out, of course, but he couldn’t. The guy was very big. He held too tight and was strong enough to take those blows and as soon as they hit him, he tied himself up. So it made the fight a bit ugly. I still think that a younger Floyd Mayweather would have knocked him out, “he also said.

This is how Floyd lived it

After the contest, Mayweather He was not silent and mentioned: “I am fighting with a YouTuber who thinks he is a real fighter. And I’m getting crazy money for it. I’ve already made $ 30 million for the fight alone. Just the accumulation, I’ve already made $ 30 million. Even if he made $ 50 million, that’s not bad for a guy who’s retired. “

I guess boxing was the mashed potatoes. These guys are now the sauce. It’s fun and I was talking to the media and talking to people letting them know that, ‘Remember, Floyd mayweather, I retired from boxing, but I did not retire from entertainment and I did not retire from making money, ‘”he said in turn, making it clear what he won for the event before getting into the ring.

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