What happened? Mariya Agapova and her controversial exit from the gym for drug use

Mariya Agapova.

Hours ago, Maryna moroz accused Mariya agapova for using drugs, which caused great controversy. The American Top Team teammate indicated that the aforementioned was forced to leave the gym for prohibited substances. In that sense, the manager should have come out to testify, trying to clear up any doubts. So, Alex Davis had a recent interview with MMA Vestnik and it was forceful.

«Mariya went through some difficult times. She was alone in the United States, but now she has been through therapy, is much better, and is already training for a fight. It had nothing to do with drugs. Absolutely nothing. This is Mariya’s private life that we will not make a problem to make her private life public. He came to the states from Kazakhstan, “he said. Davis.

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“He went through difficult times, he had some seizures, he received therapy, he is doing very, very well now. She is already training for a fight. There are no drugs. It has nothing to do with it. She says, ‘I don’t have money for food, I don’t have this. Oh, help. ‘ She wrecked her car while drugged. All in all, a very interesting person. They threw her out of two gyms and in the American Top Team she threatened the boys and was caught on camera, “she had commented. Moroz.

Complicated moment

Maryna She said: “She was under the influence of drugs, she threatened the boys and they threw her out of the gym. Because she was threatening to stab and whatnot. He also stalked the wife of a fighter, who is pregnant, also threatened to stab. In general, the police called her four times already here. He broke the doors. And that’s it: Mariya agapova, the addicted to UFC«.

“Many tried to help her out of the hole that she kept climbing through, climbing. He came to train after the club, after all these drugs. His pupils were dilated all the time. And when the coach said that I needed to be in a relationship with her, I replied that I could not work with her, she was crazy. She behaves inappropriately. She can swing her elbow to hit you and then say ‘Oh I’m sorry’. I do not understand.’ Just an inappropriate person. And yes: they kicked her out of the gym because she behaved inappropriately, “she closed Moroz.

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