A historical: Brad Tavares wants to knock out at UFC 264 and reach the title

Brad Tavares.

After eleven years of career in UFC, Brad tavares back in action this Saturday. In front will be Omari Akhmedov, in what will be the preliminaries of the card. Therefore, speaking with MMA Junkie, the experienced fighter analyzed what can happen this weekend. Knowing that the one of the UFC 264It is the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in what may come.

“I was having this conversation with Francis on Saturday, I was wondering how long I’ve been in the UFC, I was like ‘bro, I’ve been in the UFC since 2010,’ and he didn’t even start fighting. at that moment. It is definitely cool. It just goes to show that I spent a third of my life in the UFC. Basically I grew up in UFC«, Tavares began saying, being forceful.

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In addition, he also dictated: “I think I only had four or five fights in the UFC And then I had four fights, I think on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and then all the fights have been in the UFC, so it’s pretty crazy. I appreciate the career I had and I still wake up passionate about it. I’m still moving towards the goal of having a belt, and I don’t think it’s too far off. Being that I have been through that before having a daughter.

An experienced

I know what to expect when it comes to sleeping, not sleeping, the demands of being a parent. So with injuries or whatever, I think I’ll be able to have another fight this year for sure and then maybe just enjoy the holidays with my newborn. Honestly, I didn’t even know that statistic until you brought it to me. That’s great, ”Brad summed up, making it clear he’s ready for anything.

To close, Brad tavares He commented, “I was talking to Francis Ngannou yesterday and we trained together and he asked me how many UFC fights I had and honestly I couldn’t even tell him. I looked at Eric Nicksick and asked him how many fights I have in the UFC. I was like 17 or 18 years old. I asked Francis when he started fighting professionally and it had only been like five years or something not too long ago. I was like, bro, I’ve been to the UFC from 2010″.

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