Are you fired if you lose? Dana White was blunt about Conor McGregor and the trilogy

Dana White.

In the preview of UFC 264, Dana White He did not remain silent and left interesting phrases from the trilogy. Dustin Poirier Y Conor mcgregor they will have the third battle between them, which is why MMA fans are more and more anxious. In that sense, the president of the company was talking with MMA Junkie in the last hours and spoke about what can happen to the Irishman if he loses.

“Listen, Conor mcgregor is a competitor. All you have to do is watch. The guy has a lot of money. You no longer need to fight. Wants to fight. He is a fighter to the core. What is at stake is, yes, he wants to get back to the top. Get in there and beat the number one in the world, you will probably have the next shot at the title, “began explaining White.

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For his part, the «boss» highlighted: «The other thing that a Conor mcgregor he likes probably more than the competition is money. When he fights, he makes a lot of money. All of these are very important things to him at this time in his life. I don’t think of anything with Conor until after Saturday. Because you never know where this boy’s head is and what he’s thinking.

Know what it says

He’s a fighter, man. I used to say about him all the time, a lot of people like to criticize and this and that. I was in the living room. I was on the phone when we were standing in front of the kid and I said, ‘Your opponent fell and blah blah blah. I know who is Conor mcgregor on the side of the fight. You have a lot of guys who speak a lot of things in public. Most of it is not true, “he said. Dana.

To finish Dana White commented: ‘What about Conor mcgregor is that this guy has always stepped up and been willing to fight anyone, anywhere and at any time. It is extremely rich. The question is, ‘How much more of this do you want?’ How hungry are you? We’ll find out on Saturday night. Win, lose or draw, probably a couple of weeks later we’ll find out what he wants to do next.

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