Dibu Martínez made penalties spicy and became a hero for Argentina

Draw Martínez made penalties spicy and became a hero for Argentina

Talks, looks, gestures … Draw Martínez resorted to all the resources to destabilize the players of Colombia who stood in front of him in the penalty shootout of the Copa América semifinal. Thus, and with remarkable intuition, he became the hero of Argentina in Brasilia.

The Aston Villa goalkeeper stood up safely from the first moment to face a hot definition and guessed the stick of Juan Guillermo Cuadrado’s execution, but he did not arrive and Colombia started up.

Later, Lionel Messi hung her at the angle and went to give Martinez confidence in his celebration. The next one is Dávinson Sánchez.

“Sorry, but I eat you brother …”, he released just before the defender pulls. And that’s how it was: 1-1 for Draw, who began to take it personally.

Then came the failure of Rodrigo De Paul, but the goalkeeper is still in and you see that Yerry Mina is coming.

“You’re not going to celebrate me, are you?”He started, remembering the Colombian dance when he scored his goal in the definition against Uruguay.

To top it off, the same tactic he used against Sánchez: “I eat you brother”. And let the next one pass.

Miguel Borja is preparing. Here, with insults in between, starts the spiciest crossing of the entire batch.

Draw took out heavy artillery and even generated the referee’s warning, but it was not enough. “Look at me, I know you, you played live at halftime”. It did not reach, but this continues: 2-2.

Then, Lautaro Martínez scored his penalty. Now, the one who is preparing is Edwin Cardona.

Here, he changed tactics. Perhaps out of confidence, perhaps because he already knew that he was going to win it ,dra said nothing.

Just before Cardona took the last step, he leaned to his left and guessed the execution for the fourth time. 3-2 on the personal scoreboard and to the final.

They all went to look for him, even before the referees finished reviewing the save and decreeing the victory of the Albiceleste.

“Come all over!”, the last transcription that is registered to the Drawings Martinez, the great hero of Argentina in the semifinal against Colombia.

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