Get a lot spicy: Illia Topuria heats up the preview of her battle with Ryan Hall

Illia Topuria.

This saturday night Illia Topuria return to the octagon in what will be a magnificent UFC 264. In this way, interviewed by MMA Junkie in Spanish, the aforementioned did not save anything and went with force to intimidate Ryan hall in these hours. As expected, he heated up the preview with his words, ensuring that he has everything to destroy his opponent this weekend.

At the beginning, Topuria He said, “I’m not going to lie to you: I didn’t make a preparation or camp for a difficult opponent. It was more of a strategic camp. We have prepared ourselves more for a chess game because it will be a very strategic fight in which I will need to have a lot of patience. I can’t lose my concentration and deviate from what we have planned because it will immediately go for your legs and we know what it is going to do.

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“It will not surprise us. So we just have to be patient and light it up when we get the chance. I look for his jaw on the floor, on his feet, wherever. I want to knock him out. I have no respect for him in any area, on the feet, on the ground, anywhere. Since I was little I have been fighting. I train with 30 black belts. Nothing I am going to do will surprise me, “he also summarized.

Is confident

In that sense, Illia He added, ‘And ending him wouldn’t surprise me either. If I stop it my reaction will be normal. It’s not going to be like, ‘Wow, I just finished an MMA legend.’ He is a man of flesh and blood who can be hurt like anyone else. So I won’t be surprised if I finish him off. In fact, it is in the possibilities of the game plan. I’m not going to say nice things just to please people.

“If they call me right now and tell me that Ryan Hall is out and that I need to fight Volkanovski, and it’s me being humble, I don’t think I can go all the way. And that’s what I think. I know that I am the best in the world and I just need time to prove it and show it to everyone. If this Saturday I had to fight Volkanovski, I would put him to sleep, “he concluded. Illia Topuria.

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