Marquinhos believes that the final between Brazil and Argentina “will be a war” and that Messi “is a beast”

Marquinhos believes that the final between Brazil and Argentina "will be a war" and that Messi "is a beast"

The Brazilian defender Marquinhos affirmed this Wednesday that the match between Brazil and Argentina for the final of the Copa América next Saturday at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro will be like “a war” or “a boxing fight” in which the you are better prepared.

“It is one of the matches that anyone wants to play, a great match, especially in the case of a final and a classic with Argentina. That is why we are very anxious and eager to act,” said the French PSG defender at a press conference .

“It will be a boxing match, with us attacking and having good moments, but so will they. Whoever makes the least mistakes will win. It will be something that will be defined in the details and that is why we have to be ready for the good moments and the difficult ones. “he added.

Marquinhos affirmed that Brazil is analyzing Argentina’s strengths to seek strategies to neutralize them as well as weaknesses to exploit them, because the mental and strategic aspects will be more important than the individualities in the final.

He added that it will be difficult for Brazil or Argentina to maintain dominance during the 90 minutes of the game and that both will most likely take turns dominating and attacking.

The Brazilian referred to Lionel Messi as “a beast that can really unbalance the game” but clarified that Brazil has to be careful not only with him, but with all other Argentine players.

“We have great respect and admiration for Messi but we are going to put that admiration aside because we will defend what is ours. It will be a war and whoever is stronger will win. As much as we like that player and his talent, we will defend Our interests”, He said.

“Argentina is really playing very well and they are focused. We are going to analyze the opponent to neutralize their strengths. Messi is one of Argentina’s strengths and our mission will be to make the game difficult for him. We know that it is difficult for a defender to do that but it is It is possible to set up a defensive system that allows his actions to be annulled as much as possible, not only those of Messi, but those of all of Argentina. We cannot think only of Messi, “he said.

He assured that he understands when the press and fans say that Messi deserves to win the title because of his history with the Argentine team but that, in his opinion, everyone who is on the field in the final deserves the title.

“I am sure that everyone who will be on the field deserves the title. They all fought and worked. We spent 46 days isolated and stuck in a health bubble without seeing our children and families, and that makes us deserving of the title,” he said.

“The one who is better will lift the title and I hope it is Brazil because, just as Argentina has Messi, we have Neymar who also deserves the title because he missed the last Copa América and he really wants to win this one,” he said, recalling that the star of the Brazilian team suffered an injury on the eve of the tournament that Canarinha won at home in 2019.

The defender recalled that he has great friends in the Argentine national team, mainly his club mates, but clarified that, regardless of that relationship, in the final they will be opponents and each one will seek his goal.

“The final will be a great game and I invite everyone to see it, because it will have many emotions and great players on the court of both teams, not just Messi and Neymar,” he said.

For Marquinhos, a Brazil-Argentina is much more than a football match. “Since I was a child, it was the game I dreamed of seeing on TV and the one I wanted to play one day. That shows what a Brazil-Argentina means, especially because of the history it has and the players that were its protagonists, such as Pelé, Zico, Ronaldo and Rivaldo for Brazil, or Maradona and Messi for the Argentine, “he said.


Brazilian defender Marquinhos admitted on Wednesday that Brazil will feel the lack of sanctioned striker Gabriel Jesús in Saturday’s match with Argentina for the Copa América final, for being an important player for Canarinha, and considered his sanction exaggerated.

“For us it is difficult because he is an important player in our team, and who makes a difference on the pitch when he is available,” said the French PSG defender, at a press conference, when asked about Conmebol’s decision to sanction with two dates to Gabriel Jesús, which left him out of the final of the Copa América.

“It’s a shame because he is an important player for us,” added the undisputed starter in the team led by the Brazilian coach, Tite.

Gabriel Jesús, an English Manchester City player, served a suspension date last Monday in the match in which Brazil beat Peru 1-0 in the Copa América semifinals after being sent off in the quarter-final match with Chile for a kick to the face that brought down Eugenio Mena.

But Conmebol announced on Tuesday that, after analyzing the seriousness of the offense, it decided to give the Brazilian player two suspension dates, which automatically disqualifies him for the final with Argentina, as well as impose a fine of $ 5,000.

Marquinhos admits that Gabriel Jesús committed a fault that can be considered serious but that his intention was to kick the ball and not the rival, so Conmebol had to take into account the mitigating factors.

“I think it was a very severe decision (the two dates). I think they could have taken into account all aspects of the play. There was really the contact, the foul and an expulsion for which nobody protested, but to make him lose such a match. important against such an important rival is a very severe sanction, “he said.

Gabriel Jesús will be the great absentee in the final of the Copa América at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, which Brazil qualified after their victory over Peru in the semifinals and Argentina came after winning 3-2 on penalties after drawing 1-1 with Colombia on Tuesday night.

The classic will put the two historic South American rivals in a new final of the Copa América 14 years after the one obtained by Brazil in Venezuela in 2007 after beating Albiceleste 3-0.

Argentina has not won an official title for 28 years, since the Copa América played in Ecuador in 1993.

Most likely, Tite will re-align midfielder Lucas Paquetá in the place of Gabriel Jesús, with which Neymar will advance a little more and will join a trio of attackers alongside Richarlison and a third striker who may be Éverton Cebolinha or Roberto Firmino.

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