Powerful! Colby Covington insulted Dustin Poirier very hard for his viral video

Colby Covington.

After the video that went viral from Dustin Poirier, Colby covington fired hard at him. The brand-new Lightweight contender was shown knocking out another fighter in training, so the other possible challenger to the Welterweight title came out to the crossover right away. In that sense, talking to What the Heck, nothing was saved and he released many insults against him.

Starting, Covington He said: “Dustin it’s a complete joke. I have video footage to show what kind of person Dustin really is. Everyone exaggerates it to make him a charitable guy, a good guy in front of the camera. A nice off-camera guy. Oh, he’s a family man. Has a son. Yes, his son and his wife are accessories. It’s a fake piece of shit. The guy is an idiot.

What happened? Dustin Poirier explained the truth about the video of him knocking out another man that went viral

“I have a video of him hitting a fan in the gym, and he’s celebrating, dancing, screaming in the boy’s face. DustinWho are you trying to impress? Friend, it is a closed practice. You’re knocking out a guy who came to help you, and he’s a fan. You knocked this kid out, you gave him a concussion, you knocked him out, his head is shaking, you’re screaming in his face, “he said.

What’s more, Colby He summarized: ‘What does that mean? Dude, you are not a UFC world champion. You are training for Khabib, this is not Khabib. You are in closed practice. Hit up a guy who’s a humble hobbyist who came to help you in your training camp, and you’re going to shock this guy? And you scream in his face: ‘And new?’ Dude, this guy isn’t what everyone says he is.

Poirier’s explanation

“I didn’t want people to think that I was an amateur kid or something. That was a professional wrestler. I mean, that’s what happens in gyms during tough combat, real combat. There are times when you train, train and things like that, but there are times when you do hard training and that was a difficult training session “, was what he communicated Dustin Poirier.

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