Red Bull’s unusual joke on Checo Pérez at the Austrian GP

Sergio Pérez

Czech Pérez came to Austrian Grand Prix and he was celebrating. The Mexican completed 200 Grands Prix in the Formula 1 and he did it with the local team, Red bull. That is why the Austrian team’s boxing humor was through the roof and they did not hesitate to take Checo as the object of the heaviest jokes of the weekend.

On the occasion of being the local team, the team left Checo’s clothes ready to go out on the track. The idea was for the Mexican to dress in traditional Austrian attire: short pants and knee-length socks. However, Perez didn’t know that he was going to be the only one who was going to be dressed this way: “It was a team joke,” he said before the race.

Why did the FIA ​​sanction Checo Pérez and Lando Norris at the Austrian GP?

Then, the official Red Bull account shared another video more than particular. After the team played that joke on him, the Red Bull leaders hired a musical duo to accompany Checo at all times, always playing, at times becoming quite annoying for him, who in any case took it with a lot of humor.

Austrian GP

Although he was celebrating, Pérez could not crown a good race last weekend. The Mexican finished in sixth place after adding 20 seconds of penalties throughout the race. A run-in with Lando norris and another with Charles Leclerc, caused the Red Bull to fall behind in last Sunday’s qualifier.

“I have to apologize to Charles, that’s not my way of competing. I am not a pilot who does that kind of thing. I have told him everything that had happened from my point of view, but it is not enough. It is not good when you have these kinds of problems, but he already knows that I am not a rider of this style and I do not feel bad about myself, “said Pérez after the race.

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