The statement about Lewis Hamilton that relieves fans: “He will not be the last”

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Lewis hamilton announced his renewal with the team Mercedes a week ago, before Austrian Grand Prix. The Briton accepted a steep salary cut and signed a two-season extension alongside the Germans, bringing some relief to the fans of the seven-time champion of the Formula 1. However, according to Toto wolffFortunately there will be Hamilton for a while: “It won’t be the last”.

After renewing his contract, many began to rumor that these two years of extension would be Lewis Hamilton’s last as a Formula 1 driver. However, the word of the Mercedes crew chief brought relief to the fans of ‘Sir Lewis’. Hamilton will keep running, and no one knows when it will be time to say enough, in the meantime he will continue to enjoy it.

Will it be given? Valtteri Bottas would already have a team by 2022 and would replace a Formula 1 legend

Hamilton’s future begins to clear and nothing will change for him, at least for the next two years. “I am very sure that it will not be his last contract. He always flirts with the thought that it could be his last contract and somehow has the options open in his head. No, it will not be his last contract, “Wolff said after the renewal.


On the other hand, one of the strongest rumors of the last hours of the Formula 1 paddock is the future of Valtteri Bottas. The Finn has all the roads outside of Mercedes. Except for a surprise, George Russell will take the place of Bottas, who would leave for Alfa Romeo. Bottas would replace Kimi raikkonen, who would retire from Formula 1 at the end of the year.

“We always said that we are going to look to the next races and we are right there. Valtteri has been briefed on every step. We asked him if it was okay to announce it now (Lewis’s future) and he said he didn’t care. Yes, it’s all good. We want to make a decision during the summer ”, said the head of the German team about the future of Bottas.

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