Who lies? Dana White says Francis Ngannou knew about the interim belt

Dana White.

There is no doubt that the Interim Heavyweight belt of UFC has caused controversy, so Dana White went out to the crossroads. The President did not hesitate on the issue that has made so much noise, accusing Francis Ngannou. For this reason, speaking with the UFC Arabia journalist, Farah Hannoun, the president of the company left strong words and some controversies in this regard.

«Did you know (Francis Ngannou) that this would come for weeks if we didn’t close a deal. This has happened a million times. The thing is, we have a business and we organize fights every Saturday night, and we needed to do that fight in Houston, we couldn’t close the deal, so we did an interim title fight, which makes absolutely sense. ” White in these hours.

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Anger over the interim belt

To MMA Fighting, Nicksick, the champion’s coach, said: «Francis and I had finished training in the morning, we trained at 10am, she went upstairs to shower in the gym, went down to the office and said she got an email from UFC about some things in contract negotiation. I helped him load his car, we ran some errands and stuff. Then I got a text message and that was the first time I heard from him.

But if that means we’re going to fight Jon Jones, and maybe it’s a November card at Madison Square Garden or something like that, or even bigger, then I think it will all work out in the end. I think we all know it, and the fans know where this title goes and goes right through my man from Cameroon. In my mind it is as if we are not fighting in August anyway, this is just a fight that is happening in August, “he had said.

To conclude, Eric Nicksick said days ago: “I’m just trying to keep my head balanced in all this. We couldn’t fight in June because he was at home and he had some family commitments that a lot of us know about and a lot of people don’t understand what he was there for, but it was more because of the family element. And then he was unable to return to the country because he had to remake his visa. So, there are a lot of things that he can’t even take these fights just for formalities.

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