Bomb! UFC made the substitute official in the trilogy and Conor McGregor asks that they also put him in the cage

Conor McGregor.

Dustin Poirier Y Conor mcgregor They are the big stars of this weekend, although there could be more. If one of the two can’t fight, the night’s star won’t be canceled for nothing. So Dana White made it official that Rafael dos Anjos he will be the substitute if that happens. Given the information that was released, the Irishman went to his Twitter to ask that they also put him in the cage at the same time. Thus, he wants to fight with both of them.

The division is crazy right now. I feel like a lot of these guys are telling me, so don’t write me off just yet. I’m still here, and I’m going to prove it. It’s just a matter of me having a good fight, and I’m going to look great, I’m sure. Of course I want to fight for the title, so if that title is vacant, since the champion retired, I was the last one », months ago, dos Anjos Indian.

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Parallel, Raphael commented: «Conor (Mcgregor) and I were the last to have the real belt. All the other guys, they were interim champions. We were the true champions. So being a true champion, as a linear champion once, I think the fight with Dustin (Poirier) would make sense. I know there are some guys ahead of me in qualifying, but whatever.

Feel fit

“I’ll be ready. I’ll make sure I’m ready if something happens, someone gets hurt. I will make sure to prepare my body and be ready to go and take advantage of any opportunity that comes my way. Tony Ferguson was interim champion. Dustin Poirier, interim champion. Justin Gaethje, interim champion. The only champions in that division were Conor mcgregor and I, and I think that is the fight to do, “said the Brazilian.

To end, Rafael dos Anjos He explained: ‘I think the division is very open, why not? I want that fight. We got close twice. I think that’s the fight that a lot of fans want to see, especially when I get back to lightweight. We were programmed to fight and, unfortunately, it is a combat sport. I broke my foot, but here I am again, training hard, working hard and I can’t wait.

Conor McGregor’s post on Twitter.

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