Do you bet on Poirier or McGregor? Dana White leaned over one of the two

Dana White.

In the preview of UFC 264, the President of the company, Dana White, gave a kind of forecast. The aforementioned had an interview with the website of Conor mcgregor, The Mac Life, to whom he gave his opinion on this Saturday’s trilogy with Dustin Poirier. Without a doubt, one of the best wars of all time is about to happen, just hours before it takes place.

«Conor looked great in that first round against Poirier. I don’t know how well he prepared for that fight. I don’t know what he did. I don’t know the difference between his training ground for that fight or this fight. I can tell you this, from what I can see, he is taking this fight much more seriously than the last fight. It’s basically closed, ”he began by saying White.

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In this way, the President of UFC He also highlighted the following about what can happen this Saturday: «It feels like the old Conor mcgregor. Only Conor knows what Conor needs to modify, fix, and do. I can tell you this, you know Poirier is training in Florida with savages every day. He wants this fight worse than anything else. You have to take into account hunger.

A tough and complicated battle

«He wants all the things he has Mcgregor. He was criticized for taking this fight and not taking the title fight. He absolutely, positively did the right thing. This is the fight to take. That was the right thing to do. Because if he can win on Saturday night, he wins the trilogy against McGregor and then goes on to fight for the title anyway, ”the president also said.

To end, Dana White He reported: “A lot more people know who he is after this fight. I think so, Poirier you can go by the title. It is not set in stone. Anything can happen after the fight, who knows, but yeah, it makes sense. Conor he’s in his own little world doing his thing. There is no doubt that Poirier must be hungrier than Mcgregor«.

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