Exorbitant! Trevor Lawrence’s mega contract, number 1 in the NFL Draft

Trevor Lawrence

The NFL revs its engines for a new season, and everyone’s eyes are on the first draft pick, Trevor lawrence. The Clemson University quarterback was the blatant first pick since weeks before the ceremony, and is already training with Jacksonville Jaguars. It was only a few days ago that he signed his first professional contract, and the numbers are unreal.

It was this Monday, July 5 that Trevor lawrence, No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 Draft for Jacksonville Jaguars, signed his first professional contract. The quarterback has stamped his signature on his rookie bond with the LA franchise. NFL, which will tie him to the Florida team for 4 seasons, with an option to extend for a fifth season.

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Trevor Lawrence’s hefty salary

The agreement between Jaguars Y Lawrence he was expected to be around $ 36.8 million for his entire contract, which would include a signing bonus for a hefty $ 24.1 million. To this is added another 6.7 million against the salary cap of 2021. All this under the system of pay scale for newbies in the NFL.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, there are other important details in the draft first pick contract. Once Clemson’s quarterback’s physicals have been passed, the $ 24.1 million signing bonus will be paid in full this July. Likewise, it has been announced that there is no compensation clause, so you will receive the entire guaranteed contract even if it is cut or transferred.

Straight to the grid

It is expected that Jacksonville Jaguars start the season with Trevor lawrence in command of his offensive team, being a starter since the start of the season. The young star closed the college campaign with a 34-2 record. This was the third-best winning percentage for a starting quarterback with at least 30 starts since 1978.

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