It goes on and on: Conor McGregor keeps bullying Dustin Poirier for the trilogy

Conor McGregor.

As in the entire week prior to UFC 264, Conor mcgregor he became very controversial again. The Irishman had an interview with Rolling Stone, where he was just blunt against Dustin Poirier, his rival this Saturday, whom he will face in a trilogy that catches the attention of everyone in the world. However, this time he was beyond any threat.

Dustin Poirier Y Conor mcgregor they will meet again next Saturday night. In the early hours of Sunday, the UFC 264 will deliver one of the most exciting trilogies ever in Mixed Martial Arts history. Two of the most recognized legends in the sport will have a third and possible last crossing between them. The question is who will win 2-1.

Bomb! UFC made the substitute official in the trilogy and Conor McGregor asks that they also put him in the cage

When starting with your words, Mcgregor nothing was saved and it was very hard from then on. I’m going to knock him out. Undoubtedly. I am the most dangerous I have ever been. I am the most focused I have ever been. And I’m going to get it out. You will have no way of dealing with what I bring on Saturday, and that’s it. I’m always better when I’m busy. I always say that. Then it’s going to help, ”he said.

“When I am active, I am fresh, I am dangerous and I am very focused. Any man who fights me three times, God bless you. After crushing my opponent, I will decide what I want next. UFC. Without a doubt, it is not the same Conor of the rematch, so many believe that he will win.

Very controversial

In their social networks, Conor it has made a lot of noise all these days. In fact, hours ago he showed an image that generated dozens of repercussions. In it you can see the photo of the wife of Dustin, Jolie, who apparently had sent him a private message on Instagram. From what can be seen, the former champion of UFC he should accept her request, although what happened next is unknown.

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