It turns on: Sean O’Malley exploded in the UFC 264 preview

Sean O´Malley.

This Saturday night, in the UFC 264, it will turn around Sean O’Malley to the most important cage in the world. That is why the American made noise with his words on The Schmozone podcast, making it clear that he is ready for anything. Although his natural rival was Louis Smolka, an infection left him out and now he will fight a newcomer in the promotion, Kris moutinho.

“I’m ready to hear the ‘I’m not fighting a ranked opponent.’ It’s like, okay, they offered me Louis Smolka, he’s not classified. People were a little upset with the opponent, but they said, ‘Hey, whatever. He retires. They say, ‘Oh, you didn’t pick a ranked opponent to replace him.’ They offered me zero, they never offered me a classified opponent, “he began by saying O’Malley.

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For his part, he commented: “I never fought against a classified opponent, I think (Marlon Vera) Chito when I was 15 years old or something like that. I never fought classified, I am not classified. People are crazy. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to tell them. I told them that I wanted to stay at 35. My weight dropped at this point, my diet and everything is going to 135. If we can find someone to go to 135, anyone, I will take it at 35 ».

More confident than ever

“If there are no people in the world who can take it at 35, I’ll go up to 145. The UFC He sent me a list of a couple of guys, Simon is one of them, who could go up to 35. He was like shit, that’s a pretty tough fight. It was the toughest fight they ever offered me and I said let’s do it. Then his manager called and said he couldn’t get to 135 and I said, why is he on the list? “Added” Suga. “

In conclusion, Sean O’Malley He stated, “So he was out. One of the boys was Nate’s son (Diaz). I was like 6-5 so I definitely couldn’t take that fight. That looks bad. And later Kris he was there, 9-4, he chose him and they gave him a contract. He wants to knock me down and lay me down. That is 100 percent of your game plan. That night he weighed 149 pounds. Why would he fight at 145 right now? He’s probably 165. That doesn’t make sense.

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