«Jones-Reut»: The poster that made Carlos Reutemann lose a World Cup

Carlos Reutemann

Carlos Reutemann came to Williams in 1980 after some incredible seasons. Its passage through Ferrari earned him an impressive renown in the paddock of the Formula 1. Upon arriving at the British team, he had a mission to help Alan Jones to stay with the title of that season. However, Reutemann went to seek glory in the 1981 season, until a poster with the legend: “Jones-Reut”Was the ordeal of ‘Lole’

Reutemann fought stick to stick for the championship with his teammate, Alan Jones and with a young, but very talented, Nelson Piquet. The Argentine pilot was one of the top candidates, until the Brazilian Grand Prix of that year. A torrential rain on the circuit Jacarepaguá made the race one of the most difficult of the season.

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Brazil 1981

With a masterclass in underwater driving, Reutemann dominated that Grand Prix from end to end. Behind him came Alan Jones, very far from the first position. However, the Williams team was clear about what had to happen: Reutemann had to let his teammate pass, who was looking to retain the title that year. A poster, with the legend “Jones-Reut”, was imposed with nine laps to go before the end of the test.

When Reutemann first passed by, he ignored it. One lap later, the same: Reutemann continued to lead and each lap improved his times. Until the end of the race, the Argentine continued to increase the gap with Jones, who would finally be second behind Reutemann. This provoked the fury of the Australian, who did not even attend the podium to receive his trophy.

Reutemann used the rain as an excuse for that day. The hull was fogging up and he did not see a sign indicating the change in position. This was a hammer for the team and for Reutemann himself, who saw himself alone in the championship fight. Williams took away the necessary support to fight the title and his car was no longer the same, losing to Nelson Piquet by just one point.

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