Tebas threatens Barcelona about Messi’s registration: “If no player comes out, it will be impossible”

Tebas threatens Barcelona about Messi's registration: "If no player comes out, it will be impossible"

BARCELONA – Barcelona, ​​which continues to work on reducing its salary bill as quickly as possible in order to adapt Lionel Messi’s new contract, received a new notice from LaLiga this Thursday through its president, Javier Tebas, who in a few brief statements La Sexta slipped the real possibility that the Barça club could not register the Argentine footballer “if there are no exits before.”

“I don’t know; I’m not at Barcelona,” Tebas said dryly to the direct question of whether Barça could register Leo today, remaining firm that there will be no favorable treatment for the Barça club from the organization: “The rules are what they are and everyone has to comply with, including Barcelona.”

“One thing is to exceed the salary limit and another is to be able to incorporate or renew players with the rule that we call one by four, which is for every four euros that I save I can use one,” said the leader, who far from showing any class of empathy or trust with the efforts being carried out by Joan Laporta’s board of directors in recent weeks, he showed an indisputably tough stance and an unsuspectedly threatening tone.

“If Barcelona can’t get any player out, will Leo Messi be able to sign up for LaLiga or is it impossible?” The president of the employer’s association was asked directly. His answer summed it up: “If no player comes out, it will be impossible.”

In this way, 38 days before the start of the championship, Barça continues to work on thinning a squad from which players have already started to leave but in which there are still a good number of designated.

If the transfer of full-back Akieme to Almería, where he played on loan last season and whose purchase option for 3.5 million euros was executed by the Andalusian club, has been the last exit (although in his case no salary mass is released), now the names The main ones that Barça work on are Umtiti, Pjanic and Coutinho, whose departure, whether as transferred or transferred, would mean an approximate saving of 50 million in salaries.

At the moment, Barcelona has entered about 30 million euros in transfers and saved about 20 in salaries but needs to slim down this concept by about 200, so the chapter of casualties remains open with more players, among which are Neto and Braithwaite also prominently … All this apart from a renegotiation of contracts that is intended to be forced with players who will continue at the club, such as Piqué (who already had a conversation in this regard with Laporta), Busquets or Jordi Alba .

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