“Total disappointment”: Very harsh criticism of Marc Márquez for his support of the Spanish National Team

Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez He was the protagonist of a controversial publication on his social networks. The Spaniard showed his support for the Spanish selection of Soccer after it lost in the penalty shootout against Italy, for the semifinal of the Eurocup. The native of Cervera wanted to send a message after the game, but many diverted it towards the political side: “Total disappointment”, was one of the criticisms launched at the Spanish.

Márquez uploaded a photo proudly wearing the red jersey, which identifies the national team. “Today I want to go to training with the National Team shirt! Let’s see if the same force that they showed yesterday infects me. Attitude, desire and dedication ”, wrote the one from Cervera to congratulate the soccer players and leaders of his country.

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Although the message was clear, many Catalan independentistas fired with very thick ammunition at the team’s pilot Repsol Honda. Being a native of the region of Catalonia, Márquez was surrounded by a cloud of criticism from Catalan extremists, who did not hesitate to shoot him when they saw the publication.

“Positioning yourself next to one or the other is an option. But among these or the people fighting for their rights, and being run over by the police, not having made a similar mention has made them not follow you in the remainder of your career. Total disappointment. Viva Catalunya ”, said one of the users who responded to the publication of the eight-time champion.

“When you estimate a country that mistreats you, something smells rotten. The Spanish National Team doesn’t exist here, I’m glad they lost ”, said another user. “I thought you would be a gentleman and would not enter politics. Or is it that you have put your hand to put on this shirt? ”, It could also be read in the publication, which also had more than positive comments, such as that of Luis Enrique, who appreciated the support.

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