«Total disconnection»: Marc Márquez’s goals for the MotoGP lap

Marc Márquez

The arrival of the summer break means a great void for fans of MotoGP. However, the drivers take this time to start working on the future, their contracts and above all to put themselves in the best way to face the second and last part of the championship. Marc Márquez, who competed in all races from Portugal, commented that this stop will be fundamental for him: “Total disconnection”.

After a year of absence, Marc Márquez returned to compete in the Grand Prix of Portugal of this season. The Spanish came from breaking his right humerus after a very hard fall in the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix. This injury caused Márquez to go through three very difficult operations to get back to the highest level this year, where he competed in the best way so far.

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The team driver Repsol Honda, achieved a victory since his return and this left him physically ill. His right arm and his physical condition were badly hit due to the wear and tear on Sachsenring, Germany. This caused Márquez to want to get to this stop to prepare and look for a better future for the next races.


“The summer break will be important for me. I need this vacation. I need it physically and mentally. More mentally than physically. I have not been on vacation for two years. It started with the shoulder operation and then, when I was fine, they operated on my arm, ”the eight-time World Champion told the American outlet Motorsport.com.

In addition, he added that this break in the championship will be important to train for the next appointment: the double date of Austria. “On vacation I will have time for everything. First of all, I need to rest, at least a week or two of total disconnection. Then I can work. For the arm I plan to be more on the bike. Right now I’m just running from race to race. My goal is to shoot more. Use the bike more in my physical training ”, he commented to finish.

Source: Official Twitter Marc Márquez

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