Bielsa and a close relationship with Newell’s

Bielsa and a close relationship with Newell's

Nothing is accidental: Newell’s stadium is called Marcelo Bielsa. This data shows the unconditional love that people with leprosy have for the coach who emerged from the club’s inferiors.

A very special character like El Loco won over Newell’s fans long ago. And in a special way, since as a player his career was very short. He made his debut in February 1976 against River, then he was injured and after short steps through the Instituto de Córdoba and Argentino de Rosario, he retired from football in 1980.

But Newell’s was always close. And in 1982 he began to work in the minor divisions of the club, where he already stood out for his particular personality, the way he worked and his obsession with the game and the search for talents to empower the minor divisions.

José Yudica was champion with the Primera de Newell’s in the 1987/1988 championship. And Bielsa, in charge of the Reserve, would also win the title that season. That is why it did not take long for the leadership to look at him and offer him the First Division, which he reached in mid-1990. He was going to win the Clausura that year immediately, and then he would be champion in the final against Boca del First Division Championship 1990/1991.

Shouting “Newell’s, damn it”, his passion for the club went hand in hand with his passion for football. Lover of tactics, videos, a vertical style of play and owner of an offensive mentality that he always transmitted to his players, Loco began to earn a place among leper idols.

At Newell’s he marked an era and a style. It is no coincidence that many of his coaches today are recognized coaches around the world. Mauricio Pochettino, Eduardo Berizzo, Juan Manuel Llop, Gerardo Martino and Fernando Gamboa, today a technician precisely at Newell’s, are some cases to mention.

“I learned a lot and grew from the hand of Bielsa. For me he is a great reference, he helped me in every way in my career as a defender. Later I worked with him in the Chilean national team and I trained as a coach ”, acknowledged Berizzo, the current coach of the Paraguay national team.

“As a player I was with him for two and a half years. We had a team with a lot of intensity, always thinking about the goal in front, and we had a lot of ready plays. There are things from those times that are still being trained now, Bielsa was a forward ”, said Llop.

Beyond the titles won at the club (First Division Championship 1990/1991 and Clausura 1992) and the final lost in São Paulo in 1992 for the Copa Libertadores, Bielsa left a legacy that transcends time.

So much so that in 2009, the Colossus of the Park was officially called the Marcelo Bielsa Stadium. El Loco summed up such a compliment to perfection, true to his style: “I understand that this recognition is excessive and perhaps not entirely fair, but the message is one of affection and love, and one never resists those things. It is a moment that I will never forget. This exceeds any possibility of retribution, because there are things that cannot be rewarded ”.

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