The Formula 1 video game already generates controversy among fans

Fórmula 1

July arrived and with it the new official video game of the Formula 1, corresponding to the current season. As usual this month, fans are waiting for the trailers and new game modes of the new edition. However, there is a new modality that surprised everyone and that generated some controversy among fans of the game.

This Thursday, Formula 1 presented the qualifications that all the pilots of the 2021 grid will have. There, like football video games, each of the competitors will have a general classification valued at four key points for a pilot. Experience, race performance, awareness and pace will give the driver’s overall average.

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Experience is based on the number of races each driver has competed in in Formula 1. For example, Kimi Raikkonen has 99 experience, as he is the driver with the most races. However, there are pilots with very little experience, who generated controversy due to their enormous overall rating compared to the most important drivers.

The best

Without a doubt, Lewis hamilton he has the best overall average of all drivers. The seven-time champion has an average of 95 points, being the best, although he is not alone in the top. Max Verstappen, according to the game developers, it is at the same level and this generated a great controversy. The Dutchman has a great performance in the race and a good pace, something that equals the British.

The worst

The worst drivers in the video game are the men on the team Haas: Nikita mazepin Y Mick schumacher. The Russian is the worst rated of the drivers, with a total of 67 overall. For its part, Mick schumacher He vastly outstrips his teammate by nine points. Nicholas latifi, from Williams he is the third worst driver, with a total of 71.

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