Fernando Alonso and a statement about his titles that brings controversy

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso achieved two consecutive World titles under the wing of Renault. In 2005 and 2006, the Asturian ousted nothing more and nothing less than the ‘Kaiser’, Michael Schumacher. The Spanish pilot entered the Formula 1 like a promise, that little by little took hold up to their crowns. However, many believe that Alonso should have much more than two championships.

In a general review of his career, Alonso feels that his record could be much more extensive. Alonso has two titles and three runners-up. However, his years at Ferrari meant the best version of the Spanish, although he could not crown it with a championship. The championship void meant a very heavy cross for Alonso, who after passing through Ferrari, was never the same again.

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More titles

According to the American newspaper Motorsport.com, Alonso assured that he could have at least five titles in your track record in case you have taken advantage of your opportunities. “Well, that is true. It’s true. We were at a point twice; to three points again. We have been champions twice, runners-up another four; and in three of them for less than three or a point ”, he recalled.

However, the Alpine team driver says he is proud to have fought for that many titles in his career. “I am proud of that. That it wasn’t a World Cup or two that you won because of the car that was dominant that year; or by circumstances, or by luck. I believe that we are always a driver and a strong team, in any circumstance, that we do not give up; and that we fight to always be with the ointment, “he added.

Alonso will not fight for the title this year. However, next year will be a new story. The new regulations may allow any car on the grid to perform well, especially with technical and aerodynamic changes. That is why Alonso hopes to reach 2022 as one of the candidates for the title.

Source: Scuderia Ferrari official Twitter

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