Strong images! The photos of Conor McGregor’s leg broken into two parts that are all the rage

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Conor McGregor.

In the early hours of this Sunday, one of the worst events in the history of UFC came from Conor mcgregor. In his trilogy with Dustin Poirier, he broke his leg in the first round and the whole world is talking about him. After a first round that was completely dominated by the American, the Irishman tried to close it in the best way and, finally, it was the opposite.

In that sense, the photos of his broken leg began to circulate immediately on social networks, revealing the terrible fracture he had in his left tibia. As mentioned from his surroundings, he will be operated on this Sunday morning, which will surely require a long time out of the cage. In fact, some speak of their retirement.

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What is certain is that, after this unthinkable trilogy, Dustin Poirier will go to fight for the title with Charles Oliveira. Although the Brazilian warned in the previous one that he preferred to knock out Conor mcgregor, finally they will have to see the faces against the brand new American Lightweight. Despite everything that has happened, he will finally get his shot at the title officially.

Does the story continue?

At the end of the battle, Poirier He told Joe Rogan, “He broke it when I kicked him and he blocked the kick early in the fight. I heard the noise of when it broke. It’s not like he says. It doesn’t matter that he talks trash, I never cared what he said. He said he was going to kill me yesterday, don’t talk to people like that. Then you have to go home with your family. Has no sense”.

“Anyone who goes ‘uhh’ can kiss my ass. Karma is a mirror for him. He said a lot of things in the preview and there you have it. Things come back. You have to be a better person, “he concluded. Dustin. Before that, Mcgregor He replied, “This fight was not what it was supposed to be. He didn’t want to be in the short distance, I don’t care about anything. He didn’t block anything. Let’s go to the night club and see. I do not know what happened. A break like Anderson Silva’s, I have no idea what happened to my leg. This does not end here.

McGregor injury. (Photo: Twitter).
Conor McGregor.
McGregor injury. (Photo: Twitter).

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