Unacceptable? Dustin Poirier’s wife teases Conor McGregor for his fracture that is viral

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Conor McGregor.

After the injury of Conor mcgregor, the wife of Dustin Poirier he mocked and insulted the Irishman and is a rage on social media. Jolie poirier took revenge for everything that had happened in the previous UFC 264So while the former two-division champion was with a broken leg on the ground, she walked by and showed him the middle finger of her hand. Without a doubt, that gesture caused more controversy.

Days ago, on their social networks, Conor showed an image that generated dozens of repercussions. In it you can see the photo of the wife of Dustin, Jolie, who apparently had sent him a private message on Instagram. From what can be seen, the former champion of UFC he had to accept her request, although it is not known what he wanted. Outside of the rumors Mcgregor assured that this photo was real.

Video: the moment the doctor stops the trilogy over Conor McGregor’s broken leg

Of course, the Irishman tried to get the American out of focus, which he probably succeeded in doing. But, that was not all, since the anger and controversy continued in the cage. After the shocking injury of “The Notorious”, Jolie he made a world-known sign, mocking him to his own face, while showing clear gestures of pain.

The relationship broke up

In what was the rematch between the two, in January of this year, Dustin Poirier knocked out Conor McGregor in Abu Dhabi. There, the British assured that he would make a donation to charity of the foundation of Jolie poirier. So this one went to his dressing room to thank him for that. Both were very friendly, with compliments from all sides. Undoubtedly, that image will never be seen again.

In fact, the video shows how Jolie He enters the former Irish champion’s changing room, where he automatically greets him and asks how he is doing. There, Mcgregor He says, “Well, what about you?” “Fine, thank you,” replied the woman. Then, immediately afterwards, Poirier’s beautiful and happy wife acknowledged: “Thank you very much for everything. You help many people to change. Now, that was changed to teasing and name calling.

Jolie Poirier. (Photo: Twitter).

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