Will it be given? Charles Oliveira chose his next rival in the previous of the trilogy

Charles Oliveira.

The brand new lightweight champion of UFC, Charles Oliveira, look towards the future. The Brazilian spoke with MMA Fighting before UFC 264, an event in which the trilogy between Dustin Poirier Y Conor mcgregor. Finally, the Irishman broke his leg and it is possibly the “Diamond” who fights for the crown. In that sense, knowing the words of the carioca, your request will not be given.

Before the injury, Oliveira He had said, Last time, I bet you Dustin Poirier He might win after the third round, but he went there and surprised me by knocking him out in the second. This time I bet on Conor. This time i think Conor win. I think he comes with a better head, a better spirit, so I think Conor wins this time. Shy, no. Humble. I am humble. I know where I come from and I know where I am going. I guarantee it, it is someone else who will speak.

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“He will talk and talk, promoting himself all the time, and I will be there training. He’ll get on his ass in front of me. I will not subdue him, I will knock him out. I will knock out Conor. I have been saying this for a long time. I have firepower in both hands, I have many more weapons than him. But first you have to get over Dustin. I’ll be sitting in the front row on Saturday, waiting, “he said.

An impossible battle

In addition, Charles He had commented: ‘If he wants this fight so bad, tell him to win against Dustin Poirier, then you can do whatever you want. I don’t care where Under the water, on the streets, in Ireland, in Brazil, I don’t care where. I will go there, I will be ready and I will defend what is mine. In December, November, whenever I want, brother. I’ve been saying this for a while. It’s a new Charles, a new mindset, a new era.

«Believe me, I am motivated, happy with everything that is happening in my life with my coaches, my team and everyone around me. This fight will be huge, but first, before dreaming about this fight, you have to earn it. Got to knock out, submit, beat Dustin, which is not an easy task. It has gotten into the heads of everyone it has defeated, but it has to do much more to get into my head, “he added. Charles Oliveira.

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