Hallam Amos: “Argentina is a fantastic team and now we know what it will bring”

Hallam Amos: "Argentina is a fantastic team and now we know what it will bring"

Hallam Amos, one of the figures in the last equality between Wales and The Pumas, analyzed what was the meeting last Saturday and anticipated what will be the second duel between the two selected.

In dialogue with the site of Wales, the back assured: “There was a great period of the game with them with one less man. It was difficult and we were not as clinical as we should have been. We lost a couple of balls in the back of 22, which was a bit frustrating. It was the first time that many of us played together, especially in the background, “he said.

At the same time, the Welshman added: “Hopefully we can improve next week. Wayne said after the game that the series will be based on this last game, that it is a pretty nice place to be and that hopefully we can finish the season on the top, “he said.

At the same time, Amos lavished praise on Tomos Williams, who changed the team’s face in the second leg: “It was great. He is a fantastic player. He is one of my best teammates. In Wales we are fortunate to have four or five outstanding nines. Tomos was fantastic when he came in and he always is. It’s great to have someone with that speed of thought. I don’t think there are many guys who are as skilled as he is. When he carries the ball with one hand like Alun Wyn Jones and is only five foot five, it is quite impressive, “he said.

Finally, the Welshman is now looking forward to the series decider next week: “It’s a great opportunity for us. Argentina is a fantastic team and now we know what it will bring. TO Sometimes it is difficult to see what a team is going to contribute, but now we know. Hopefully it will be an even better game next week, “he closed.

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