Lionel Scaloni and Marcelo Gallardo’s phrase: “I would have said the same thing. How could you not like directing the Argentine National Team?”

Lionel Scaloni and Marcelo Gallardo's phrase: "I would have said the same thing. How could you not like directing the Argentine National Team?"

Two days after having become champion of the Copa América with Argentina, Lionel scaloni He was grateful to the entire team and collaborators, reviewed the road in Brazil, praised Lionel Messi and Ángel Di María, and even told what he thought of Marcelo Gallardo’s sayings in ESPN F90 about a future chance in the National Team: “Your response seems normal to me. It is not far-fetched at all. How can you not like directing the National Team?“.

In an exclusive interview with Gustavo López, in A good radio moment Network, the technician stressed that “We must not lower our guard“after the coronation and assured:”We are in no way inferior to Europeans“.

Next, the best phrases of the champion coach with the Albiceleste:

“You have to recognize all the people who were inside the property because they made a huge effort.”

“We never stop believing in what we are looking for.”

“With the work team we know each other well and we know what we want. When we saw that something could bend, we immediately grabbed it to align it ”.

“To play football well you have to be relaxed, happy, enjoy the process and the moment.”

“We knew that the players were going to respond to us. We managed to ensure that the team does not suffer from the changes.”

“It is very difficult that in a National Team like Argentina all the best can play. The players have to have understanding towards the coach and their teammates.”

“We are lucky to be able to make 5 changes in a squad with so many good players.”

“The team always has to have a balance. We don’t see it possible to play with as many players as people would like.”

“The video of the relatives before the game was very emotional and I ended up crying in front of everyone. It is impossible that that does not give you strength. It is difficult that it does not mark you, it gives you a plus.”

“I was calmer at the end than in the rest of the game. When the referee finishes it, you deflate. If you won it was very good, but the adrenaline changes. It’s a difficult feeling to explain.”

The hug with Messi: “What was achieved gave for that and much more. But I rescue everything that Leo gave to the group. I have no words to thank the group for how they faced the situation. You see as the days go by that something is being done Then it depends on whether the ball goes in … but we won, it was historic. And if it wasn’t won, it didn’t change what the National Team did. “

The disaffected: “I am not left alone with Foyth or Ocampos. I also think of Palomino and Buendía. We had liked Nahuel Molina a lot and the only way he could enter was for Juan (Foyth) to leave, much to our regret. I am convinced that he has A lot of potential and he can continue to give us things. In the case of Lucas (Ocampos), we saw that Joaquín Correa, Ángel Correa and Julián Álvarez were pushing. The only way to deal with it is to call them and tell them how they are. We would have liked them to be there. , but we only had 28 places. “

“I have an incredible relationship with Ángel (Di María). I was one of the first to tell him that he had to remain in the National Team. He has a top level. One makes decisions, at the time he spoke and I explained that we saw Nico (González well ) and Ocampos. But under no circumstances did I get angry with him. He is a very noble boy, a great kid. By God’s gift, the Cup came because of his goal. “

The choice of archers: “The way was paved for us because Franco (Armani) had COVID and it was easier to make the decision. I do not rule it out in the future because it is very important to us. It is true that Emiliano (Martínez) had had a huge season, with a level Incredible. You have to take advantage of the moments. As Franco continued to test positive, we made an easier decision. “

The role of Paredes: “I am not so convinced of the positional 5. I think you cannot think of a team around 5, we think more about the whole. The team played well and not so well both with Leandro (Paredes) and with Guido Rodríguez. Leandro has always been with us and he played almost always. The one we think is good will play. As much as I like a player, I am not capricious. I think about the good of the National Team. “

“As I am a coach of the National Team, there will surely be debate, but I do what I feel and what I think the team needs. We are flexible and I have no doubts about admitting mistakes. When we started as interim we played in a more direct way and then we saw that the best played in a different way. “

“I’m never going to get angry with criticism. It’s normal and we know how this is. I wasn’t reacting as a player and neither now. It would take away my energy and I just want to focus on the team. I have family, friends and they write to me when they hear something. But I do not internalize myself, I do not look or listen to anything because it wears out. Everyone is happy that Argentina came out champion “.

Marcelo Gallardo’s statement on ESPN F90: “His answer seems normal to me. It is not at all unreasonable. They also asked Cholo. If he had been in that position, he would have said the same thing. How can you not like leading the Argentine National Team? I know how they are things”.

“The idea was not to destroy the previous process, but to rearm. It is not possible to start from scratch, you need the experience of people who have been around for a long time, have good milk and who would like to be there. I would not have wanted any of them to be downloaded, they did it for Own decision. I would have liked them to be cooler in such a hot moment so that the coach can make the decision. “

“I couldn’t promise that we were going to win the Cup, but we were going to do our best.”

“From a runner-up in the world and two runners-up in America on penalties we get negative things. It’s impressive. Whoever you tell them, they don’t believe it. We should think differently: when we are all aligned, we are difficult to face.”

“Suddenly you get players like Romero or Molina … We are open to new footballers entering. In a country like ours, with so many players, you can’t not look at all of them.”

“We achieved an important thing: to align the people and play with the support of the majority. Before we went out with the anxiety of winning something and now perhaps we can play looser. It is what we were looking for so much.”

“We are in no way inferior to the Europeans. We tied with Germany and we put our face to it. Brazil has the level of the Europeans too. It would have been difficult for any European to play Coa América. It is played totally different.

“If Gustavo (Alfaro) believes what he said to Tite, I don’t see that it is wrong. It is a strong thing, good for Tite. It gives him a lot of encouragement.”

“I would have liked to stop the bus in Ezeiza, but at the moment in which we are it is not viable. They are unique moments, I would have loved to get off with the people.”

“Rodrigo (De Paul) wins the position and can also lose it. I have a great relationship with him. Today he is showing us that he can play and he does it very well. He is very important. It is all his credit, he was the best of his team (Udinese), comes to the Selection and plays like this “.

“Neymar is a great boy. What happened speaks of what an icon Leo is, beyond the fact that they were teammates. If he went to greet him it is because he believed he deserved to win something like that. I needed to hug him because he was going to feel better.”

“I never liked the word backpack.”

“I do not know how the Scaloneta was born. It was a good idea. Some identify it as a Ferrari, but in reality it is a Fiat Duna. And sometimes we put gas in it. It is a 1.7 like the one I had (laughs)”.

“We must not lower our guard. These Qualifiers are very treacherous and difficult. We have to push ourselves again knowing that this generation is going to give its best. Afterwards you can win or lose, but you cannot negotiate delivery and a sense of belonging” .

“I rescue what Brazil has been incredibly good in the defeat.”

“We are proud that people have been able to enjoy thanks to these 28 warriors.”

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