“Manny received no due process or respect”: Manny Pacquiao Promotions’ statement against the WBA

Sean Gibbons y Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao Promotions he threw himself against the AMB in a statement after removing his welterweight belt and failing to reinstall him as champion for his fight against Errol spence.

Manny did not receive an adequate process and respect for his career, “says the statement from Sean Gibbons, President of MP Promotions. “It took him two years to get that world title opportunity and he beat Keith thurman. The AMB never drew up a defense plan for Pacquiao. He never warned us that super champion status could be in jeopardy. “

Within the statement you can also read that they were never warned that the championship would be taken away from him and they questioned that it did not bother them when a former champion spent two years of inactivity between defenses.

“He never warned us about his designation as champion at rest,” he continued. Gibbons. “We found out from a statement they launched on the internet. Speaking of Keith thurman, the AMB seemed to have no problem with his inactivity of 22 months between his fight with Danny Garcia Y Josesito Lopez“.

At the end of heavy January, the organization promoted the Cuban Yordenis ugas as super champion and announced that Pacquiao would remain as “champion in recess.”

However, since then the Cuban has not made any fight to defend the belt that was awarded to him at the table, unleashing the annoyance of the team of Manny


“On January 29, 2021, without any kind of notice or notification, the AMB announced that he had been designated as champion in recess, promoting the Cuban Yordenis Ugas as a super welterweight champion, a title that Pacquiao he won above the ring without even having fought for him, “he questioned. Sean.

“Since then, Ugas He has not fought since he won the regular championship on September 6, 2020, ”he said. “It leaves us a question in the air: what did you receive Manny pacquiao after hundreds of dollars he paid in mandatory figures to the AMB for his last three world title fights? Everything except respect ”.

The champion’s next step

Ugas will fight on the same card as Pacquiao Y Spence on August 21, but it is not yet known who will be the rival who will challenge him for the belt.

To beat Spence Jr., Pacquiao would keep the belts of the CMB Y FIB, as well as with the appointment of The Ring.

Given this, his team assured that he will not pay figures to the organization until the matter with the fiipino championship is clear.

“The break is over,” he continued. Sean Gibbons. “Two of the best welterweight fighters will be facing each other now and it must be celebrated and organized correctly. The Ring It has already said it will name the winner as its welterweight champion, but it is not a governing body. Before paying any amount to the AMB, we need there to be guarantees ”.

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