Attention! Colby Covington asks Dustin Poirier for personal problems to solve

Colby Covington.

Colby covington Y Dustin Poirier They are two of the fighters of the moment in the company. Both are about to fight for the title in their respective divisions. The first of them would go against Kamaru Usman in the Welterweight, while, the second, against Charles Oliveira in the Lightweight. But, in an interview with Fanatics View, “Chaos” assured that he wants to face the “Diamond” as soon as possible.

“I thought it showed the ‘charitable good guy’, the true character of Dustin ‘The Doofus’ Soirier last night. He’s out there strutting in front of Conor’s face. Obviously, it was a fluke. Conor broke his leg. It was a fortuitous decision that ended. It wasn’t a knockout, it wasn’t a clear decision, it wasn’t a submission. He did everything possible for Dustin to give him this great fight, “was what he began by saying. Covington.

Powerful! Colby Covington insulted Dustin Poirier very hard for his viral video

Furthermore, he stated, “I thought it was fun. He showed his true colors, character – he has his little accessory, his wife Jolie out there. Obviously, she is an accessory. He only uses her for support because he knows he’s a shitty person and wants to act like he’s a good boy, a family man, a father, and a good husband. So he showed his true character Saturday night.

He is upset

He’s an idiot. People were giving me a lot of things this week. They were like ‘Why are you picking on Dustin?’ Friend, Dustin weighs more than me. We used to intervene on the American Top Team all the time. The guy would weigh 188, 190. I have about 185. I do not want to lose a lot of weight because I know that I am the best in the world in the weight category in which I fight “, he emphasized Colby.

To close, Colby covington He stated, “I don’t have to go for a weight advantage and cut all this weight to feel like I’m the biggest guy. So all the people who say ‘Stop messing with the lightweights’, I’m messing with a guy who’s bigger than me. Your best money shot if you want to do a good deal is to hit 170 and see Dad. This is a personal rivalry. There are deep personal problems and just seeing him in the Octagon one day.

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