Did you cross the line? Floyd Mayweather’s viral mockery of Conor McGregor for his injury

Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd mayweather nothing was saved and strongly mocked Conor mcgregor for its fracture. The Irishman shockingly injured his left leg this weekend in his trilogy with Dustin Poirier. In this way, the legendary boxer took the opportunity to laugh at him for what happened to him in the most important cage in the world. It certainly caused repercussions.

After the bad time at the T-Mobile Arena, Mayewather posted a photo of Conor sitting in an armchair, his foot totally out of place. Clearly this was with editing, but anyway Floyd took it with grace and decided to put it on his personal profile on social media. In that sense, he won the support of many, as well as the criticism of others.

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Floyd thanks Conor

The Saturday that passed, with the defeat of Conor mcgregor, the legendary Floyd mayweather he earned thousands of dollars and his pocketbook thanks him. Dustin Poirier was the one who stayed with the trilogy between the two, although it all ended thanks to a broken leg of the Irish fighter. Given that, the mythical American boxer also showed happiness on digital platforms.

Being that way, despite what happened inside the T-Mobile Arena cage, Floyd Mayweather was one of the beneficiaries of this crossing. The fighter bet that Dustin Poirier won, so clearly his prediction came out in a good way. To his happiness, the «Diamond» left «Money» with a profit of more than 35 thousand dollars. Thus, it reaffirms the bad relationship with Mcgregor.

McGregor’s message

“I want to thank all the fans around the world for their messages of support, I hope you enjoyed the show. I want to thank all the fans who attended the T-Mobile Arena, 21,800 fans in attendance. The place was absolutely electric. It was an incredible first round. It would have been good to enter that second round and then see what is what, “said the Irish former champion on the networks.

Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram post.

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