Exploded! Ali Abdelaziz insulted Conor McGregor very hard and made fun of him

Ali Abdelaziz.

Injury to Conor mcgregor and his sayings made Ali abdelaziz liquidate it. Renowned fighting agent Khabib Nurmagomedov shattered it with his words. Speaking to MMA Junkie, he took over what the Irishman said in the preview about Dustin Poirier’s wife. Undoubtedly, that bothered him too much, leading him to answer her in the strongest possible way.

«He is his own manager, he is his own coach. He is the head coach, he is everything. When you have a lot of people saying ‘yes’ around you, he is not evolving his game. At the end of the day, good always conquers evil. He is an evil human being. He can do whatever he wants. Of course, I don’t like the boy. But if you do something good, I’ll give you credit. How are you going to threaten to kill Dustin Poirier’s wife? ” Abdelaziz.

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At the same time, Ali He commented, “If I were Dana White, I would fine you $ 1 million. Dana should have guidelines. I know Dana said, ‘We say bad things to each other.’ Can you imagine if someone said this about Dana’s wife? I know Dana doesn’t give a shit, but really, (Mcgregor) is completely wrong because this footage is for life. It is for life. Actually, the man, him and all his people, they are just bad people, man.

Tore it apart

“All of them. They are delirious. The guy acts like this invincible gangster, but he really isn’t. Is a man. God tests you. He gives you this kind of power, right? And see what you’re going to do with it. Mcgregor he did everything wrong with his power. Look at guys like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Dustin Poirier, and Daniel Cormier. They use their power for good. They help other people. All this guy does is hurt people, “he said.

In conclusion, Ali abdelaziz He said, “Listen, this boy has a family. By doing this, you are hurting your own family. Who wants to be the son of this child? Nobody wants to be the son of someone like him. I don’t really care about him. It’s easy money. I hope you are healthy. You can go back and fight against (Justin) Gaethje, Islam (Makhachev) or Beneil (Dariush). It’s an easy payday for everyone. She has become, as I said, a prostitute. ‘

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