Formula 1 bombshell: George Russell passes Red Bull?

George Russell

All the cannons (and rumors) point to that George Russell will be team pilot Mercedes starting next season of the Formula 1. However, there is still nothing confirmed by either party and this begins to generate a blanket of doubts. These doubts are taken advantage of by the maximum rival of Mercedes: Red bull, which is already beginning to play in the pilot market.

Although nothing seems to indicate that Russell will be in another team, the advisor to the Austrian team, Helmut Marko, he noted that he could attempt a negotiation with the current Williams driver. This hit hard in the Formula 1 paddock, which was not expecting Red Bull to get into the conversation between Mercedes and the British driver.

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According to Marko, Russell is a driver who can be put on Red Bull’s radar heading into next season. However, everything seems to indicate that these words are almost provocative, since a few days ago there was talk of the possibility that Czech Pérez quickly renew your contract with Red Bull. The Mexican is having a great season, where he already won in Azerbaijan.

Russell is certainly worthy of consideration with the performances he is now showing in Williams”Said Marko in an interview with the American site It should be noted that Russell is a driver for the Mercedes team, since in case Lewis hamilton or Valtteri Bottas are not available, he assumes his place in the German team.

Transfer unlikely

While Marko believes Russell may be a good fit for the 2022 season, the Austrian says the Brit’s signing to Red Bull is highly unlikely to happen. “The only thing is that this is very utopian, because if Mercedes let him go it would be such a big misstep that I honestly cannot imagine it,” he said to finish.

Source: Official Twitter Formula 1

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