It was blunt: Khabib Nurmagomedov’s sayings about Conor McGregor

Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Conor mcgregor is on everyone’s lips, so Khabib Nurmagomedov he was not silent. The former Dagestani Lightweight champion of UFC He came out to speak with MMA Junkie in the last hours, where he just gave his opinion on the Irishman’s injury. As expected, they were not words of support, taking into account the rivalry that both left not only within the octagon.

When you start with your sayings, Nurmagomedov He said: «There is always going to be something superior, more powerful, than us. Sometimes when people say, ‘I am this, I can do this. I’m smart because I’m strong. ‘ God will always humble you. I saw him yesterday or two days ago, I saw his coach’s interview like, ‘I don’t understand how this happened. He is a strong, strong young man and he broke his foot, I do not understand it ».

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All of God. You have to become humble. When do you get rich, when do you get strong, when do you get famous and then you think this is because of me? God will make you humble. I really enjoy this fight. I am very happy with Dustin Poirier. I think he deserves a title shot, and I think he deserves to be the UFC lightweight champion right now. Khabib.

His agent exploded

The fracture of Conor mcgregor and his words caused Ali Abdelaziz to liquidate him. The renowned fighting agent, such as Khabib Nurmagomedov, tore it apart with his words. Speaking to MMA Junkie, he took over what the Irishman said in the preview about Dustin Poirier’s wife. Undoubtedly, that bothered him too much, leading him to answer her in the strongest possible way.

«He is his own manager, he is his own coach. He is the head coach, he is everything. When you have a lot of people saying ‘yes’ around you, he is not evolving his game. At the end of the day, good always conquers evil. He is an evil human being. He can do whatever he wants. Of course, I don’t like the boy. But if you do something good, I’ll give you credit. How are you going to threaten to kill Dustin Poirier’s wife? ”Said Abdelaziz.

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