Lewis Hamilton sends a message to Mercedes about his new partner: “We will continue”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis hamilton He renewed his contract with the Mercedes team a few days ago. The British will remain alongside the Germans until at least 2023. However, Mercedes He has to define who will be the teammate of the seven-time World Champion, something that everyone already takes for granted: George Russell will replace Valtteri Bottas at the end of the year. However, Hamilton does not think this is likely to be confirmed: “We will continue”.

Hamilton knows that Valtteri Bottas is the faithful squire, who helped him to his last titles in Formula 1. However, the Finn is on the edge of the team. Mercedes leaders welcome the arrival of a much more competitive driver than Bottas, who never fought hand-to-hand with Hamilton.

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Although Russell is falling into Mercedes, Hamilton does not want this to happen. “Knowing my relationship with Valtteri makes him a great teammate. I’ve always said it. To be honest, I feel that we are currently the couple that offers the best results in terms of balance within the team and the knowledge of how we can develop our car, ”he assured this Monday.


On the other hand, the seven-time champion stressed that the usual criticisms of Bottas are very detrimental to his performance. He also confirmed that he wants to see the Finn by his side in 2022. “At some point this will change. I won’t be here forever and neither will Valtteri, but for now I think we have done well over the years and we can continue to do so. People have to leave him alone sometimes so that he can concentrate on his work, ”he shot.

“We will continue to work together as a team, as we have done for many years.. I’ve always said that overall Valtteri is the best teammate I’ve ever had. When I say that I am not only referring to performance, but also to team morale and the way we work together on the environment ”, he declared.

Source: Official Twitter Mercedes AMG F1

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